Monday, November 16, 2009

On Getting Your Work Noticed

Owner of Valeriote Design, Melissa Valeriote has used a clever combination of online tools and social networking sites to build a storefront for her business. With a little business saavy and lot of hard work, she's also found tremendous success as a crafter and blogger, having recieved national media attention for many of her creations. So, I just had to know if she'd willingly share any of her secrets. Turns out, Melissa Valeriote is just as gorgeously wondrous as her delightsome art.

Melissa, you amaze! You've had your art published in magazines and on multiple websites, you've even been spotlighted in Martha Stewart's website. However did you turn your art into a successful venture that gets noticed?

Marketing yourself and your business is vital for every small business entrepreneur. Scheduling time for marketing is just as important as scheduling time for creating art. I spend 20 minutes every morning marketing on my blog, FaceBook, and Twitter. I'd suggest that you take full advantage of all the free social networking sites and research magazines, shows and companies that compliment what you create. Then make the call or send the email. Keep refining your mission statement and your presentation. Every contact is a potential customer. Be positive, be yourself, and present your best work.

You can read more of Melissa Valeriote's secrets to success, at her Decor-Medley interview, which can be found HERE.

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