Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Software Secrets

Cheeky Secret #2:
Get Good Photo Editing Software
for free.
Oh, I know the entire world would have you believe it's Photoshop or drop, but as the stay-at-home wife to a teaching salary hubster, I just can't bear to swap out a month of meals for a cardboard box with a CD in it. I can't do it, I tell you.
Thankfully, there is an option. A remarkable option. An option capable of not only editing photos, but creating all sorts of remarkable images & graphics, the extent of which is only limited by your imagination. I've recieved oodled of emails from Tongue-N-Cheeky readers asking about the software I use to create my website graphics. I'm tickled pink to share my long held secret.
The software is called Photofiltre.
The newest version, Photofiltre Studio X is offered with a 30-day free trial.
You can download Photofiltre Studio X HERE.
If you're interested in bypassing the trial period, the full version can be purchased for about $50. You can find it HERE.
If you'd like to download Photofiltre for free, no strings attached, Photofiltre 6.3.2 is the program I've been using for, like, ever. In fact, it's the very program that helped me recreate all the graphics for the relaunch of my site. In my pajamas and slippers.
This version offers a slew of remarkable editing capabilities so don't even sweat that you won't be getting the newest offering.
You can download Photofiltre 6.3.2 HERE.
In coming weeks, I 'll be sharing a few of my favorite Photofiltre secrets which will help you create and personalize incredible graphics, buttons, banners, collages, and pictures for your blog. If you've been looking for an affordable way to put some oomph in your blogging, you're just one download and a few quick tips away from wowing everyone you know.


leta joy said...

is photofiltre mac compatible?

Mary Frances said...

Heeeey! THanks for this blog! I love writing and I love blogging!!! Check it out

Tongue-N-Cheeky said...

Leta Joy:
Photofiltre is not compatible with macs. There are, however two free programs which most mac users say offer similar capabilities. I'm a PC, so have never used either of them, but you can access them at these sites...


ne version:

Hope that helps! Good luck!

recycletruck said...

Thank you ... this program is so much fun! I have been wanting to add text to pics for awhile. I've also wanted to know how to get the strikeouts! Thanks so much. Can't wait to read more tips.