Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bunny Rabbit Revelation

Cheeky Secret #1:
Blog about that for which you hold great passion.
Nowadays everyone has a blog. And, everyone is hoping to make money from it. One of the simplest ways to successfully find an audience and obtain advertising is to focus on a topic you truly love. A topic which allows you to clearly express your unique voice and talents. This sounds like such a simple task, but finding a blog-worthy passion is often a tricky feat.
One indicator I've used to pinpoint my truest passions is Bunny Rabbit Revelation.
You know the old adage of how quickly rabbits reproduce? You get a mama, a papa, and before you know it, you have a bunch of little babies. Before long, those babies are making babies. Then, those babies make babies, and soon you need a New York Skyrise and the HungryMan Dinner Company to house and feed them all.
So, how do a massive number of bunnies relate to blogging? Let me try to explain:
Have you ever been--oh I don't know--listening to a friend, reading a book, sauteeing dinner, walking across a mound of laundry, smooching babies into bed and had an idea pop into your head? It might be an idea to better organize your laundry. It might be a paint color combination. It might be the first line of new novel. It might have everything to do with what you are doing at.that.exact.second. It might not.
It's there, with those little sparks of thought, that Bunny Rabbit Revelation begins. There with the initial Ah-ha! lies the opportunity to discover your truest passions--the ones you should really be blogging about.
When these little sparks arrive in your noggin, write them down whenever possible. Then, muse on them momentarily. There are times when just thinking about an idea will bring it to a dead end. Other times you have to actually try an idea to realize it's just not your 'thing.' If you reach a dead end, or 'hit the wall' with one of your ideas, don't be discouraged! It means you're one idea closer to finding a better fit for you.
Of course, not all good concepts end dead. There are actually some ideas which bring with them life and vibrancy. They give you energy, feed upon your thoughts, birth other ideas, expand and multiply, and roll you down a million magical thoughtlines. That is what I call Bunny Rabbit Revelation. I know I've got it when I feel my mind turn so alive with idea after idea that I can scarcely turn it off. I believe this is the purest form of creative communication with yourself. It's you telling youself that you've hit upon a topic tailor-made for your mind's own way of thinking.
Moments of Bunny Rabbit Revelation help you find success because they connect your brain to the heart of your priorities and beliefs. They switch all parts of you 'ON', allowing your best abilities to flow forth. They teach you about that which is uniquely "YOU" and help you expand your natural abilities and passions. And, letting the pure, true you will not only make for a blog worth reading, it will make for a blog worth creating.

Last week I walked determinedly into our neighborhood Thrift Shoppe.
I'd spent a good portion of the day before, and much of a restless night conjuring up the image of a sophisticated outfit.
It would have black pants. A fitted black jacket. Something light blue and ruffly beneath.
Yes, I'd thunk through it and through it. I was certain I'd thought up something worth wearing.
Of course, seeing as how I was hunting through a Thrift Shoppe, it wasn't long before I realized there wasn't a pair of black pants sewn within the twenty-first century that I'd dare don.
No problem, I thought, I'll look for a nice greyish pair of pantaloons.
While walking through racks of slacks, I happened upon a black jacket.
It looked exactly like the jacket I'd been imagining.
Slipping my arms into the silken sleeves, I was delighted to discover it even seemed to fit right.
I tossed it joyously into my shopping cart, moved boldly back to my pant-finding task.
Serendipity was on my side, it seemed, my perfect ensemble would materialize.
Suddenly, I had a thought. A horrible thought. A thought that stopped me cold in my tracks.
Could a black jacket be worn with gray slacks?
Working diligently I flipped through every meager mental note I'd retained from my months of reading Seventeen magazine as a teenager.
Black with gray? Black with gray?
I didn't know if wearing such would equal Fashion Craptaster '09.
(I still don't.)
And anyway, all this thinking about clothes was making me tired.
After all, I'm a baker, not a fashionista.
My mind thinks in ingredients, wraps itself naturally around the science of pastry creation.
What, then, was I doing here in the clothing aisles?
I didn't--for love of a seven-layer mousse cake--know what had come over me.
(I still don't.)
Stealthily, I hung the jacket back on the racks, turned my cart around, and aimed myself straight for the kitchenwares.
Where I promptly (and quite naturally) filled my cart with an array of inspiring second-hand homegoods.
As I loaded the plastic bags full of finds into my car, I felt a zap of happy in my spine.
I couldn't help but pull some of the purchases out and look at them once again.
Thrilling! I thought, as I rolled an old green soda bottle around in my palms.
Moxilicious! I hyperventilated with joy over a flowered plate.
Tucking the treasures carefully into the backseat, I tucked my worn t-shirt into frayed jeans, hopped in the car, and drove toward home like a woman on fire.
My mind was buzzing with blog ideas.
I couldn't wait to get to work.

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Valerie Fauver said...

What a beautiful photo... a heap of eclectic plates and bowls--a fantastic vintage beater--And look at those old pop bottles! It is wonderful to be inspired by second-hand treasure! Objects once discarded, given new life and beauty! This picture spoke to my soul! I just love it!