Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog Advertising

Hi Brooke,

I am currently using Google Ads. I have signed up to use BlogHER ads but have never heard back from them. There is not a clear person to contact..and i am not certain if I will ever hear back. Google Ads scare me a bit--sometimes my earnings amount is there--sometimes not.

I am not sure of the best resource for ads, and that's why I'm asking you. I know I'm still a new blogger, but I have installed a stat counter (invisible) and the data shows me I have a consistent and loyal following of repeat visitors that return on a daily (sometimes more than that) basis. A large percentage of "first-time-visitors" stay a long period of time. This data gives me confidence I'm doing something right, and I know that developing a following with a certain niche of people just takes time---BUT, in the meantime, I want to be on the right track with ads.

Any suggestions?

Warmest regards,
Caroline Urdaneta

Cheeky Secret #13
Blog Advertising Options that Work!

Oh, darling Caroline. I feel your pain! In the early days of blogging, I was so incessantly baffled by blog advertising. I simply couldn't figure out how to get advertisers, keep advertisers, and make money off of blog advertising. Well, good news! I've since gotten a lot of experience, and learned a LOT of secrets that will get your blog profitable in no time at all. And, I promise to spill every last one of them in the coming weeks. For now, here is a brief advertising overview (aka. a few of the biggest options, and a few of the easiest ones).

NOTE TO READERS: If you've discovered a secret to advertising success, please feel free to email it to me, or leave it in the comments section. The more input we get on this subject, the more we all benefit!

(1) Google Adsense. Money is made through Google Adsense everyday based on your site traffic, the types of ads placed, and how many of your viewers click on the ads themselves. It's possible to make a small amount of money (as in pennies), if none of your viewers actually click on the ads, but you really have to see more than 1,000 site hits a day for pay-per-view pennies to register. That said, the secret to truly successful Google Adsensing is to get your Google ads placed in very strategic (read: sneaky) locations. If you're really interested in making money through AdSense, be sure to place your ads in extremely noticeable locations: above or below your banner, as close to the top of your sidebar as possible, or between your ad posts. Until you get a steady flow of traffic through your site, you'll likely notice your Google ad account numbers rising steadily--but very slowly. Which, of course, means that you'll simply have to work overtime to get your blog noticed (more on this later). Of course, I happen to think that if I can make nothing a day for doing a hobby, or ten cents a day, I'd definitely take the ten cents. Yes?

(2) BlogHer. If you are a woman blogger this is a well-established organizations that can bring in some extra spending money. Acceptance into BlogHer seems to be increasingly elusive, not to mention the vast number of rules and stipulations you agree to follow as a BlogHer gal. I know several bloggers who make a couple hundred dollars a month through the BlogHer ad system, however most of them created a firm following for themselves before getting the BlogHer network interested enough to accept them into the network. My advice on this one? Keep applying and be patient. You never know when they might accept you. In the meantime, just like Adsense, these ad networks are all business. They pay you for YOUR hard work. If you're serious about making money through your blog, then you've got to be all business, too. Keep your blogsite well updated, well edited, and work constantly to establish your identity and audience. As you continue to create your own empire, you are certain to attract companies willing to support you in your endeavors.

(3) Foodbuzz. If you are a regular recipe poster, and accepted as a FoodBuzz publisher, you may just be able to pocket a few extra pennies each month through their ad program (you make $2/day per 1000 impressions on your page). Interested parties have to create an account, and apply for the FoodBuzz Featured Publisher program. Just like blogger, there are specific regulations to heed if accepted (including restrictions from selling private advertising on your site.) Be sure you read through and understand the contract fully before signing on the dotted line.

(4) Affiliate programs. Many companies are picking up on the trend of blog advertising, creating "affiliate programs" for interested bloggers. The idea for companies is to access loyal readers who have shown a proven interest in your theme/style of blogging. The idea for you is to connect these readers to a company whose products complement your particular blogging flavor. This is usually done through a widget on your sidebar. When your readers click on the link, sign up for an account, and make a purchase on the company site, you get a small commission off of any purchases your reader's make. Amazon offers several slick, quick options for affiliate marketing. My favorite is their "Amazon Store" option, which allows you to piece together your favorite Amazon products, create a customized widget for your sidebar, and start making a percentage of money for each store sale. Of course, monster-sized websites aren't the only ones offering affiliate marketing to bloggers so don't be shy about buzzing an email to your favorite tiny company, asking about any affiliate options they offer. You might just be pleasantly surprised at what a gift your blog advertising can be to business owners, as well as to your pocketbook.

(5) Private Ads. In my opinion, the best and most consistent way to make money through blog advertising (without having some middleman take a huge cut from your earnings) is to offer private advertising to your readers. Be warned. This is NOT the easiest road. It takes a lot of effort and salesmanship on your part, but it does allow you full and complete control over your blog advertising.

Want to get your private ad campaign work?
Be sure to stop by next week for details!


MM said...

hi brooke
you are such a sweet sweet girl!!!
i like your style and professional attitude. did i mention you are inspiration to create my blog. MANY MANY THANKS FOR THAT!!
Can i use your cheeky button in my blog, i need your approval. i am new to this i am afraid of using others hard work. should i do this or not, everything is a doubt;)well let me know. thank you again and your tutorial is so helpful.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Hey look--I'm on your blog! ;)

Thank you so much for answering my question. To use Ads or not? How do we use them? Which are the best Ads? What's the deal with Ads? So many questions, so little time!
Anyway, thank you again for the thorough answers you've provided here. I am now using Amazon Ads as well so we will see how it goes! So far, I have liked them because I can choose what products I want to feature--which is a bonus.

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Alden Jones said...

Aha, my girl’s a fan of BlogHer! She’s actually getting really fond at it that she usually forgets we have date or something. But that’s really fine with me… Hehe, I know she learns a lot through it and I’ll support her all the way. Writing is her passion. I’ll help her rise in her career and probably earn income with it. :D